Adopting A School-

Several economic, social and political factors have influenced our education system over the decades, but there seem to be two main problem areas: Quality and Access. As a part of Maa Aashawari Devi Trust’s mission to improve quality and access, and create a level playing field for students studying in government and aided schools.

We are supporting a school in an identified rural area of Rajasthan, near town Shahjahanpur of Alwar district.  The school we currently support has minimum infrastructure and facilities around 10 classrooms with around 200 enrolled students and from 6th to 12th. There are 3 labs rooms and primary school rooms are being built, meagre as it sounds, there is a lot of scope for improvement. The quality of education needs urgent attention and support. We recently added two classroom furniture to the school for kids.

Hence, we are looking to raise funds to avail resources so that we can meet the needs of the school- infrastructural and organizational, re-train teachers and/or employ ones so they can meet current educational requirements. These funds will also go into the construction of 6 new rooms for primary school. Currently we are working out the strategy to have enough resources to adopt the school fully and implement the plans for the better education.

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