Differentially Abled

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure best results.

The human spirit comprises of ability, determination, potential and fearlessness that no disability can ever steal away. In order to ignite this passion and give a kick start to a happier and healthier lifestyle of the differently-abled people, a Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Maa Aashawari Devi Trust is providing excellent services in the field of welfare of Person with Disabilities (PwD).

The key issue with differentially challenged persons is the difficulty in learning which has a cumulative effect in other areas of functioning as well. Appropriate training programs at every stage of development are the answer to multiple challenges faced by them. Past one decade of working with differentially challenged boys and girls at Maa Aashawari Devi Trust has reinforced our belief that once adequately motivated and trained they learn and achieve much more than what is generally expected of them. Their keenness, enthusiasm and perseverance for learning and working and zest for life have been a source of inspiration to all of us.

Maa Aashawari Devi Trust’s focus is on skills and strengths, rather than what others may see as impairments. This view has helped us see new possibilities. By embracing differences, we help spark innovation — while challenging assumptions and inspiring change.