Distribution of Education Material to poor Students!

According to UNESCO, India is known for its highest illiteracy rate across the world. This is so because approximately 180 million people in India are dealing with their poverty-stricken condition which restrict them to have even the basic education. Moreover, those who are able to go to school often avoid schooling frequently because they cannot afford the material required for education.

Maa Aashawari Devi Trust, under its Education for All program, takes the initiative to provide education material to children of the underprivileged section of society. The Trust steps forward to make it possible for every child to join school without any hesitation.

Maa Aashawari Devi Trust has been providing educational material to these poor children who attend Government Schools. We provide educational material consisting of text books, notebooks, geometry box, pencils, pens, and school uniforms, clothes, shoes, school bag, lunch box. We select the candidates by personal visits to their homes to assess the family background.

In the morning of 9th January, 2020, a team of Maa Aashawari Devi Trust visited Naya Gaon State Primary School, Bhiwadi to distribute basic stationary for the students to pursue their primary education happily. The stationary kit included sharpeners, erasers, pencils, and much more. The students were quite fascinated to see outsiders offering them these gifts. The school was filled with happy smiles and cheerfulness. We were so pleased to see that happiness on the faces of these beautiful souls when they get a gift from us. We hope that these students make good use of these stationary kits and will attend their classes more passionately.

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