Spreading Awareness and Breaking Barriers

We launched our campaign to raise awareness for prevention of Covid-19 & Importance of wearing a mask which our NGO has done throughout this year.

For Maa Aashawari Devi Trust, spreading awareness is more than just about covering the work of an NGO. It is about coming alongside communities so that they can fight against this disease-causing virus and by providing them with access to education and future opportunities. This month, as we focus on sharing about our Health Awareness program, we will also distribute free face masks to people that will help them to control its spread by 95%. While India now being the second most affected nation 95% is a huge number.

This month Maa Aashawari Devi Trust, has also initiated COVID -19 awareness campaigns in various slums located in Rajasthan. Our team will perform hand washing techniques and cough etiquettes for daily wage workers and migrant laborers. Individuals will be advised to adhere to the methods in their everyday life and wash their hands for 20 to 30 seconds each time. A problem that many communities can face in this pandemic is developing a healthy habit against Novel Corona Virus. Unfortunately, this was the case in the most of rural areas in Rajasthan. They didn’t have proper information about the virus that led to spread of the virus even more. This is not as much of an issue now, since government initiatives have led to awareness among them. As part of Awareness program, we are committed to supporting the entire community. This means that depending on the context that an individual is in, our Awareness Spreading program and projects will be customized to the needs of community, creating sustainability as we take into consideration long-term impacts that we can make.

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