Where there are no roads: Delivering relief in hard-to-reach places

Since our start, Maa Aashawari Devi Trust has focused on helping people in difficult places. We go where no one else can or will, to help people in their most vulnerable times. We believe that to love is to act, especially for our friends affected by conflict and oppression.

The good news is that we have local team members on the ground in each area we work in. Though many in our team are grounded, we’re not twiddling our thumbs. Through local contacts and partners, we’ve developed a network that efficiently delivers relief to communities all over India. Countless calls, texts, emails, and video calls with our partners on the ground made this possible:

  • 350 particulars got free medicines at our very first health check- up camp that took place in rural Rajasthan, India.
  • More than 50 volunteers took part to give the best hospitality possible.
  • We also initiated a health awareness programme with great mentors in the field of health & medicine where more than 300 particulars took part.

This is just the beginning of what’s been possible if we don’t give up. It’s a chain-reaction of love, and you’ve faithfully donated your support to make it happen. Stay with us as we keep tapping our networks to deliver hope in places around the world.

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